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African Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Expedition Course

Ezulwini Paradise Camp, Olifants West Game Reserve, Balule Game Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park, Limpopo Province, South Africa

July 7 - 22, 2012

MCS 8523

A Touch of Difference

Discover Africa’s wildlife through this intensive 14-day expedition immersed in South Africa’s best-known national park. The African version of Into the Wild... Discover life with every heartbeat, every breath.

You will track the wild African fauna on foot through the bush with expert trackers, learn to count herds of grazing prey for surveys, take photographs of the Elephant ears for identification purposes, understand what it really takes to manage a nature reserve, and be surprised at every moment of the day or night by the wilderness. You will live in a small research and conservation centre lost in the middle of the Greater Kruger National Park, with nothing between you and the surrounding bush and wildlife, but your instinct! You will never look at nature and life the same way again!

The responsible travel agency A Taste for Travel in association with BlueXplorer is inviting you to join this unique expedition and specialised course to southern Africa’s world renown Greater Kruger National Park to discover, observe and explore the African wildlife, habitat and ecosystem.

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