White Sharks in False Bay

False Bay is famous for the spectacular hunting strategy adopted by White Shark visiting the waters around Seal Island. During the early hours of the day, when the sun is low on the horizon and light penetration is lowest, camouflaged with their dark backside merging with the inky bottom, White Sharks invisibly patrol the deeper waters surrounding the island, waiting for seals to leave their colony on the island. The lone or lagging seal will offer an ideal target for the predator, homing vertically on its prey at close to 40 kilometres per hour, and usually resulting in a spectacular breach out of the water inflicting a fatal blow to the seal.

IMG 6066

During the southern winter months, this impressive display can be observed up to forty times during the first few hours of the morning. Hence these excursions usually leave before sunrise from Simon’s Town. When natural predation activity stops, we will attract sharks to the boat to observe them from the surface and dive in the cage, before returning to shore in the early afternoon.

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