Kelp Forests and Sharks

This unique dive with Sevengill Cowsharks (Hexanchus griseus) takes place in one of the only places in the world that you can consistently dive with these rarely seen sharks. Sevengill Cowsharks are formidable predators of seals as well as other sharks and fish. They are called “wolves of the sea” because of their cooperative hunting behaviour which is extraordinary behaviour amongst sharks. As a result of their natural curiosity and confidence we don’t need to use «chum» to interact with them making it an unique experience. Up to 70 sharks can be seen on a single dive as they gracefully swim amongst the kelp forests. As this dive site is in a Marine Protected Area, the ecosystem is very healthy and finding various species of sharks is common.

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Up to six different Shark species can be spotted during these inshore dives: Spotted Gully Sharks (Triakis megalopterus), Puff Adder Cat Sharks (Haploblepharus edwardsii), Dark Shy Sharks (Haploblepharus pictus), Leopard Cat Sharks (Poroderma pantherinum) and Stripped Cat Sharks (Poroderma africanum) are frequently seen on these dives.

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A small colony of Cape Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) is located close to the dive site. These seals are the clowns of the ocean and they love being in the presence of divers, best dive buddies you can find! They will show you their speed and agility, or simply mimic you for a good laugh.

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