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BlueXplorer expeditions have a focus on education and conservations projects matched with spectacular and unique adventures. We arrange expeditions to locations where we have intimate local knowledge and work with ethical organisations and companies. This personal investment and guarantee offers an experience otherwise unavailable or unattainable to the independent traveller or through larger travel or expedition companies.

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The ‘Sharks of the Cape of Storms’ expedition is scheduled for August 4-19, 2012, during the southern winter months, and based in the Western Cape province of South Africa. This expedition presents a unique opportunity for participants to discover the rich and diverse South African marine ecosystem and get an in-depth insight into the shark species of the Cape. This trip has been organised specifically for shark enthusiasts, ecologists, divers, students and photographers, with an emphasis on first-hand experience of sharks and their natural environment, giving an insight into shark research and conservation from both local and international experts.


Importantly, all excursions included in this expedition are reserved for its members exclusive use. The expedition includes visits to most of the on-shore highlights of this region as well.

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