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Sharks of the Cape of Storms

Western Cape, South Africa

August 4 - 19, 2012

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Discover the Sharks of the Cape of Storms up close and personal with renown Shark Expert Michael Scholl through this intensive 14-day expedition. Be enthralled by the breaching White Sharks off Seal Island in False Bay, admire the majesty of these most charismatic species of Sharks around the legendary island of Dyer and Shark Alley near Gansbaai, dive into the deep blue waters off the Cape of Good Hope to meet the pelagic Sharks, and dive into the kelp to meet the Wolves of the Sea, one of the ancestors of modern Sharks, the Sevengill Cowsharks...

The responsible travel agency A Taste for Travel in association with BlueXplorer is inviting you to join this unique expedition and specialised course to Southern Africa’s Western Cape to discover, observe and explore the World of Sharks, their habitat, behaviour and marine ecosystem. Meet the Sharks beyond what you can read in books or see on television!

South Africa’s coastline stretches over three thousand kilometres and spans two oceans, the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. The cold Benguela and the warm Agulhas currents meet off the coast of the Western Cape creating an incredibly rich and diverse marine ecosystem. South African waters are home to around one hundred different Shark species, among which all the most emblematic and representative species. South Africa is also known as the world’s best hotspot for White Sharks.

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