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Michael Scholl lead a research team examining diverse aspects of White Shark ecology and conservation in South Africa; he established FinPrinting as a reliable photographic based identification technique for sharks, and was a key member of the research team who established for the first time a genetic and telemetric link between the populations of White Sharks in South African and Australian waters thus enabling White Sharks to be listed on the CITES Appendix II.

Michael identified over 1’500 individual White Sharks from 1997 to 2007 using his FinPrinting identification method. With thousands of hours at sea and over eight thousand White Shark observations, his database is the largest of any White Shark population in the world. He is now collaborating with the University of Bristol to develop an automated computer assisted identification system that will allow scientists and the general public to continue collecting and sharing fin pictures for identification in what hopefully will become an international online centralised database.

Michael is an active member of a specialised team of adventurers with Mejreno Expeditions based in Dubai U.A.E., taught IB level Biology and Mathematics at a private school based in Lausanne, and is currently working as the Pangaea Young Explorers Program coordinator for renown South African explorer Mike Horn.

He is now sharing his extensive experience with you through BlueXplorer.

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