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Responsible Travel and Edu Expeditions

Through an intricate balance between exploration, education, responsible and sustainable travel experiences, offers unique travel destinations and opportunities to travel, explore, learn and interact with research and conservation projects.

We specialise in offering our explorers a unique travelling experience with local partners and NGOs with whom we collaborate. Responsible tourism offers incredible potential for a positive impact on some of our most pressing global issues: poverty, peace, education and biodiversity conservation. Responsible tourism means holidays that care about local communities and culture, wildlife conservation and the environment.

In partnership with the travel agency A Taste of Travel based in Vevey, is now offering new destinations and opportunities for nature enthusiasts, as well as for students and schools.

BlueXplorer offers three specific components for their expeditions:

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These expeditions are based on responsible and sustainable tourism, and investigate specific topics and regions. A strong educational component is always at the core of any of our expeditions to ensure that you leave with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the ecosystem, wildlife and culture to spread the correct environmental message. Our expeditions are uniquely customised, specialised and exclusive. Our explorers and the local companies and organisations we collaborate with are at the heart of our choices.

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The expeditions carrying this logo were designed with students and schools in mind, incorporating serious and in-depth learning experiences, from lectures to a field-oriented approach. The students are accompanied by a specialised and experienced team of scientists and educators. Take the classroom into the field and learn first hand from the ecosystem, the wildlife and local people.

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We thrive to support research and conservation projects around the globe, and our expeditions are directly supporting these projects. But in response to a growing need for students to gain valuable field experience, a growing need for organisations to find manpower and funds, and in response to a growing concern about expensive and often abusive similar programs, we decided to offer a range of options to students and nature enthusiasts who really want to make a difference while gaining field experience with responsible and recognised local organisations.

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